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Also....I am wondering if anyone can suggest a good snorkel for use just in the learning of the UDK, not the other strokes like Freestyle......I'm not sure if these snorkels that have a center-mount and curl back towards the head would be good with my head going underwater most of the time.....Any suggestions on a snorkel that would be perfect for the learning the UDK?

Finis make a range of centre mounted snorkels with different tips available.
They have a range of fins too. Generally the stiffer ones are faster and more expensive and rely on you already having a good technique and some are meant to be resistive to develop the muscles used.
The cheaper softer more forgiving one's are fine to learn, though I'm not sure whether they help you learn or just increase speed. Finis have video examples on their website.

There have been some super high tech ones developed, costing a few thousand dollars which are super fast when used by an expert. There is a video of a champion ,starting deep under water and leaping completely out of the water like a dolphin.
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