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Originally Posted by CoachSuzanne View Post
How unpleasant is your breathlessness? When you go for a jog and stop at a stoplight, is your breathing slightly breathless?

When I made the realization that it was Ok to be breathing heavily and continue on another interval, I was able to progress my training signfiicantly. What I found was that prior to that I wanted to be breathing at my resting rate before starting any new interval again.

I realized that I felt just as fine on subsequent lengths.

Physiologically, your breathing will reach a balance when your'e exercising any where above a "marathon effort" pace, and respiratory rate will remain elevated.

If you have trouble exchanging air when swimming you'll run into technical problems like breath holding or using a lot of extra energy to get air in, and that's a different type of problem.

Can you figure out which type you have? A techinical problem with air exchange or an emotional problem with not wanting tos tart a swim when your breathing rate is up?

This last paragraph left me wondering how to determine if the problem was technical or emotional (or psychological). Yesterday when I was swimming, I had the whole pool to myself. Near the end of my practice I decided to remove the wall (so to speak). I set my watch timer and decided to swim the perimeter of the pool rather than back and forth. The intent was to swim 1 minute and count strokes. When I got to 60 strokes I stopped and the timer read 1 minute and sixteen seconds or 76 seconds. No breathlessness and this was at the end of my practice session. Voila!! Even more so, when I had time to calculate my stroke rate, I was happy that it turned out to be 1:28

Now that I know the problem is in my head, I have to figure out how to replicate what I did on a lap to lap basis.

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