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Default 103 miles in Butterfly this year!

With a 2-mile swim in Butterfly on December 22, I have now reached my swimming distance goal for this year, 103 miles in Butterfly at 25 yards per lap (except for my 1-mile open water swim in the Chesapeake). I chose that goal because I was so inspired by the courage, dedication and overwhelming stamina shown by Diana Nyad in her two attempts this year to swim from Cuba to Florida, a distance of... 103 miles. Most swimmers would give up after one hit of any jellyfish, much less two separate exposures to box jellyfish which are exponentially worse. Diana is one of my heroes in this world as is Terry. May I have the strength of spirit to face challenges with as much honor as she has. May my challenges be not quite as painful as well! Thank you Diana. You inspired additional zest in my life. Not bad for a 51 year-old newbie swimmer.
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