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Originally Posted by stevereagan View Post
What about something like "Mindful Swimming" or "Swimming with Mindfulness" - "mindfulness" seems to be the recurrent theme (and tool to make it happen)
As Shuumai said, in this case, Conference means to add a new category , like Links and References, to the Forum.

I can see the appeal in a less obvious title, one that has a note of playfulness or mystery. On the other hand, I'd want to draw the largest number to the discussions as I find it the most interesting of topics, and I think a completely overt title such as "The Power of Mindfulness in Swimming" would likely have that effect.

All in favor, say "Aye."

PS: The response to posting video from my March presentation on Perpetual Motion Freestyle at MIT to my blog - three times more reads or views than any other blog I've posted - suggest we should do webinars on a variety of topics. The Power of Mindfulness is clearly a great topic candidate.
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