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So two questions:
1) Add a new conference about the psychology of swimming well?
2) Suggest a good umbrella theme or title for such a conference?

Like most physical skills we want to develop, we usually find we need to convince ourselves that "we can do this..." When we gain mental confidence, then we might relax more easily. I'm sure it has been stated somewhere that possibly up to 80 or 90% of swimming ability is all in finding a confidence from within ourselves. Like many others, I have gone through points on a learning curve where I feel I will never gain a swimming skill. And on reflection of a day's events, I can't wait to get back and try to correct my perceived errors.

I think a conference on the psychology of swimming and of swimming well could be interesting and very valuable. Methods of focus and mindful practice could be offered and the results shown.

A theme or title ... Results of Mindful Methods


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