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Thanks Suzanne for your input. I guess I was asking if there is a swimming related mechanism that would lead to tinnitus and hearing loss. An ear infection derived from unclean water might be the most likely mechanism?

As you say Sherry, age (but a number) still can have deleterious effects on many things, including hearing. Like you, my tinnitus is more like crickets on a hot summer day. Sometimes louder than at other times and even not present at all now and then. But wake up in the middle of the night and try to get back to sleep with that noise going on !!!! Doesn't happen easily !

I've used some ear drops but they cause a burning and the tinnitus seems more prominent after-wards. I may not continue with these drops.

And as you pointed out Suzanne about noisy environments --- I may be sitting too near my computer with a noisy fan which likely should be replaced. Have you seen any credible results in easing tinnitus from using lipoflanvoid or any similar over the counter medications? Or any results from a "diet" of B12?

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