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Default Winter Solstice Practice -- Concluding Month of Backstroke Focus

Fri Dec 21 2600y in 55 min at SUNY

Task #1 400 Modified Medley - Time 6:12 - much improved over Wed and only 1 second off my best time for this swim. I swam with a very controlled effort

Task #2 Swim 550 FR (one-third of 1650y)
I swam @13-14 SPL and time of 8:10. This was moderate effort because it would be followed by a timed backstroke baseline set -- the wrapup of my Month of Backstroke Excellence which began on Nov. 14. That day I did an initial Baseline Set, with the intention to repeat at the conclusion of a month focused on backstroke improvement.
Nov 14, I swam 50+100+200 BK, holding 15-16SPL
My times were :51-1:41-3:30.

Task #3 Today, I swam a modified version of that set, also at 15-16 SPL.
4 x 50 BK on 1:00 Times: :49-:48-:48-:47 (200 total 3:12)
50 EZ FR
2 x 100 BK on 2:00 Times 1:37 - 1:36 (200 total 3:13)
100 EZ FR
1 x 200 BK Time 3:08
150 EZ FR

I was really thrilled at this result. First, because I improved my 200 time by 22 seconds in five weeks. I doubt I could improve by that much in any other stroke.
Second, because I swam the continuous 200 significantly faster than the cumulative times of my 4x50 or 2x100 -- and I didn't take it easy on them.
Third, because this was just 4 seconds slower than my time for 200BK in a Masters meet two weeks ago -- even after swimming a 90%+ effort on the 50s and 100s.

Task #4 Immediately following this set I repeated 550 FR, but raised my stroke count to 14-15SPL. My time was 7:45 -- an encouraging 25-sec. improvement over the earlier one, adding only 1 stroke per length, and following a pretty effortful BK set.

Task #5 I wrapped up with 4 x 50 FR on 1:00 at 14+15SPL to see how much I might improve over the same set on Wed, which I did with a baggy suit. Today I wore clingy polyester jammers.
Wed I couldn't swim faster than 38 sec. Today I did the same set and descended 38-37-36-35 sec. Better than I expected, in part because so much effortful swimming preceded it.
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