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Default legs

Hi, I always like to check "the other things" when I watch swimming, so your first video shows your legs work, your second does not.
I maybe just picking on a minor detail but here it is anyway. I am not a coach, its up to you "to take it or leave it" (my opinion):
You look good and relaxed overall, but your legs work should be more refind and smoother with less force during the kick. Check Shinji's kick (snap). He does not kick hard as you. Your kick may cause you loosing balance and having less streamlining. Your hard kick stops you on your way forward.
This is a common problem in classic TI style. Thats why Shinji's snap/flick is desired by many.

Thats just my little opinion, I maybe wrong of course.
Its looking good overall. Nice style.
I just had to say something. Tomorrow is my moment of truth at the pool. Just a personal matter..

yep... I just watched your first video again. Your right leg kicks hard, your left leg does not kick at all! here lies your problem, just as CSuzanne said, something to do with your right side.

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