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DSHEN, Your comment regarding touching toes is pushing me to ask... has anyone taken this step further and overlapped their feet during glide?

During casual filming, I notice that my legs seem further apart than they should be, but my toes can touch easily. I think it's mostly because I'm bow-legged. I can draw my legs closer together w/o much effort, but in order to do this, my feet cross to when the sole of one foot touches the instep of the other (top of one foot to bottom of the other). I spent a couple laps fascinated by this but I couldn't tell if it was making me more streamlined. And the un-crossing in order to kick was taking a lot of concentration.

Sorry for going off-topic.

Originally Posted by dshen View Post
...for a long time, i practiced just touching the tips of my big toes together while in the glide phase of a stroke, after i have already kicked. once i know they are lightly touching, i know that my legs/feet are in my body's wake and not dragging outside of it. certainly i had to train my muscles to use the least amount of energy necessary to touch my big toes together but that is something that took a little bit of time. i had to focus on extending my legs back and pointing my toes behind me, but with the minimum amt of muscle flexing possible. it takes some practice and time but that was the path i took to keeping my legs straight behind me, not stiff but rather relaxed...
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