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Originally Posted by celeslau View Post
Hi Dshen, I've not videoed myself underwater, but I've a sense that my flicking leg don't seem to float back into position. Or at least not as streamlined as I would like to feel it to be. It gets worst if I try to maintain a flat back (aka Shinji style) with 2BK - I feel like my butt is sticking upwards with legs stinking.
If I make an effort to close my legs after 2BK, it gets tiring. Any tips, pls?
by float back, i should say that as you are moving forward, the fact that if you do not attempt to keep your legs in any position via some focused effort, means that your legs, if relaxed, should just move back behind your body as it moves forward because your body is dragging your hips forward and your legs need to follow. it is hard to describe in words but hopefully that worked.

Shinji always bugs me about keeping a flatter back but i have not been able to maintain that well. the trick is how to flatten your back but still keep your legs extended. that can feel like you are sticking your butt out and your legs are bending downward. so not being an expert here i am not sure i could give you tips on trying to flatten your back and keep a long streamline. suffice to say, you will have to learn how to just move the portion of the spine that is from your hips to your rib cage and it may seem like you are sucking in your stomach area to do so. I would play with that and see if that helps.

for a long time, i practiced just touching the tips of my big toes together while in the glide phase of a stroke, after i have already kicked. once i know they are lightly touching, i know that my legs/feet are in my body's wake and not dragging outside of it. certainly i had to train my muscles to use the least amount of energy necessary to touch my big toes together but that is something that took a little bit of time. i had to focus on extending my legs back and pointing my toes behind me, but with the minimum amt of muscle flexing possible. it takes some practice and time but that was the path i took to keeping my legs straight behind me, not stiff but rather relaxed...
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