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Originally Posted by jenson1a View Post
Also as far as the kick goes, is it a downward kick or upward or like a scissors? Watched several videos on you tube and have seen a variety of styles.
oops forgot to answer this part!

i like to think of the kick as more a kick forward, versus a kick back, since your body may be slightly rotated and down or up may be confusing.

so you do not want to draw the heel back towards your buttocks in a kick, but rather kick forward as if you were going to kick a soccer ball.

one may ask, how do i bend the knee then? don't i have to draw the leg back towards my butt in order to "cock" the leg for kicking?

instead of using that visualization to cock the leg which may cause you need to be actually kicking back towards your butt in order to cock the leg, i would encourage you to instead think about relaxing the kicking leg at the knee such that the knee drops forward. this creates the bend in the kicking leg but does not cause you to actively draw the leg back which is bad.

then kick forward (as if kicking a soccer ball) with a compact snap, because you don't want to get your legs outside of your own wake which would cause drag. as you induce/help hip and body rotation with the kick, you'll find that the leg naturally floats back into position behind your body as you move forward.

give that a try and let us know how it goes.

as for practicing 2BK coordination, Coach Shinji had me lay somewhat flat on the water, arms at my sides, and then kick gently with each leg one at a time. as i kicked a leg, i was supposed to feel the rotational force it would impose and which way the rotation would happen.

then i moved to one spear at a time practice. this means standing in the pool, launching yourself into superman glide, then pull one arm back into skate. the arm pulling back then comes forward in recovery, and then i perform one spear (with other arm pulling back). after i do that, i glide to a stop. i stand up, and repeat. i repeat this with the same arm spearing all the way down the length of a 25y pool. then on the way back, i practice the other arm.

this allows me to isolate and focus on the elements of one side's spear and stroke and to keep repeating it over and over until it gets burned into my nervous system. doing both sides while swimming can be too confusing if i'm trying to learn something new.

so practicing one side, i focus on which leg i'm going to kick and attempted to kick with the correct leg for that side's spear/stroke.

once you master the right kick on one side, then you can move to 2 stroke practice which is then instead of stopping with one stroke/spear, you add one more stroke/spear with the opposite side before standing up and starting over.

then once this feels pretty good, you can then increase to 3 strokes, and 4, and then all of a sudden you're swimming the length of the pool correctly (hopefully)...
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