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Default 2 Beat Kick

I have been using the 2 beat kick for about 4 months. I thought I was doing fairly well with it, but when I was viewing a video of the young Japanese man's freestyle, I noticed that the right hand entered water, the left foot kicked. I had been doing it completely the opposite--right hand in, right foot kick. This seemed perfectly natural to me.

By kicking with the same foot that the hand was spearing, it seemed that I was getting more propulsion. Is this completely wrong? I am assuming it is, but can't figure out why. I have read several posts and it seems that there are a lot of people that have different ideas about when to kick with which foot.

Also as far as the kick goes, is it a downward kick or upward or like a scissors? Watched several videos on you tube and have seen a variety of styles.

Appreciate any thoughts on this--hopefully there is some agreement on how to do this kick.
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