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Red face D-Day is Saturday March 14th

This coming Saturday I will begin my first foray into open water swimming in the San Francisco Bay's Aquatic Park. The current water temperature is 53.


Been looking forward to this for almost five months now. Coach Leslie Thomas, a TI coach here in San Francisco -- is my first official open water coach, recommended by Coach Dave (Thanks Coach Dave!).

This Saturday will be a three hour swim clinic, two hours of which will be on land and then a 15 minute dip, and back for de-briefing, warming back up, and in my case severe crying and moaning, and wondering how I got myself into this lol!

Then starting on Monday March 16th, and every other Wednesday beginning the 18th, I'll be swimming in Aquatic Park until the end of October at which time I am hoping to do my first Alcatraz Swim.

Stay Tuned!
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