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I replied to a similar post two weeks ago...
"Kick took me quite some time to figure out. It did not come intuitively to me at all. What finally worked for me was to keep the "swim" portion of the effort as SIMPLE as possible so I could really concentrate only on the kick. In order to do that, I used only Superman Glide until I got the kick.
Start in Superman Glide, then, as you're starting to slow, kick one leg and allow that kick to rotate you into either the skate position with only one arm in front or even a kind of superman glide, but in skate position.
The goal is to get the idea of using the kick to rotate into skate.
The next step, of course, is to coordinate the kick with the stroke. Once again, keep the swim portion as simple as possible to be able to isolate the kick. My method was to use one kick to move me from one skate position to the opposite skate position.
It took me some time, but by isolating the kick only, and taking it slowly (not like all the ridiculous splashing I see by others in the pool), I now have a kick that is well coordinated. It's not everything I want it to be yet, but for where I'm at, it works!
I hope this helps. I'm sure others will chime in."

I REALLY struggled until I was able seperate the kick from the rest. Now, it's a natural motion (I still need to tape myself to see if it looks as natural as it feels, lol).
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