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Default Terry's December Practices

Mon Dec 3 2400y in 50 min @ SUNY-NP
Trading Strokes for Seconds

My purpose for this practice was to rehearse the three events I'll swim in a Masters meet at Ithaca College on Dec 8 - 100 breast, 200 back, 1000 free - and to work two metrics -- SPL and Time. The skill I worked on in the three sets following Tuneup were to 'trade' strokes for seconds. If I choose to take an additional stroke per lap (always a choice, never an accident) I should swim faster.

Note: I'm still in my Month of Backstroke Improvement, but decided to consolidate my practices to a thread here because it will be easier for me - and others - to keep track of them if they're all in one place. I'll post backstroke milestones on the other thread.

Tuneup 800 alternating backstroke and freestyle
I began with 4 x 25BK25FR, then progressed to alternating 50BK50FR, then 75BK75FR and finally 100BK100FR. The farther I went -- and the longer I sustained each stroke, the easier it become to maintain those high efficiency stroke counts, a testament to the Tuning Effect. When your training is neurally-oriented, the brain should optimize the circuit for a particular task (like a 13SPL lap of FR) the more times you repeat it.

Pacing Set 2 rounds of 3 x 50 BR. Descend each round, 25 EZ FR between repeats.
1st round @ 8SPL. I descended 51-50-49 sec
2nd round @ 9SPL I descended 50-49-48. sec
This was my first timed set of BR repeats in many months -- perhaps the entire year. I did it because I'm swimming 100 BR in a Masters meet next Sat.

Main Set 10 x 100 FR, descend by adding 1 stroke per 100.
I started at 13SPL, adding a single stroke to each successive 100 as follows:
My times improved from 1:28 to 1:17 simply by adding a single stroke per 100. I felt highly integrated all the way though exertion definitely increased.

Pacing Set #2
2 rounds of 3 x 50 BK. Descend each round. Interval was 1:10 per 50. No recovery swims.
1st round @ 15+16SPL Times: 50-49-48 sec.
2nd round @ 16+17SPL Times 49-48-47 sec.
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