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Originally Posted by Talvi View Post
I think it's a question of "all roads lead to Rome"
Well, perhaps. But some roads are certainly bumpier than others! ;-)

One of the things that led me to TI was the fact that I had developed shoulder discomfort after attending a (non-TI) stroke clinic on freestyle at the YMCA where I was swimming.

But my residual shoulder problems went away after I attended a TI weekend workshop about 6 months later. The main difference was that TI began by getting our core bodies doing the right thing, and only then added the armstroke.

I notice that you titled this thread "Slipping" but don't seem to have mentioned slipping anywhere else in this thread. Do you actually feel that your stroking arm is slipping through the water?

A good training technique for reducing slippage is to use fistgloves (available through this site) for the first 20 minutes or so of each practice. Fistgloves force you to learn to hold onto the water with your forearms, so that when you take them off, you end up holding onto the water with both your forearm and your hand.

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