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Dear Richardsk, I actually kind of encourage my son to swim for fun and competition as well, but I just feel that to be able to be truly competitive when you enter the real competition stage, stroke and technique are extremely important. Most of the time, the coach and I just want him to swim the time he should be able to achieve in a competition, even though he sometimes doesn't do it, to me, I won't get mad with him (disappointed, yes, but I won't show it in front of him) but I will be quite angry if he just "wrongly" swim, because I just feel that if he doesn't make a habit of swimming the correct way (stroke and technique), then it will be even more difficult to correct when he grows older.
I fully understand for the kids below 12/13, different rate of growth in physique and mental development may give huge advantages to the particulars swimmers, this is why we can see a swimmer can pose better time that another who is 2 years older than him.
But again, perform better in training than competition seems to be quite a frustrating happening for any swimmers and I believe it could be very deflating to the swimmers themselves and indirectly dampen their spirit and confidence, it is an issue truly requires solution.
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