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Originally Posted by wheskes View Post
I can swim 25m in 15/16 strokes (I'm 182cm tall and weigh 80kilos), it's better than what it used to be. But if I'm pushing myself the stroke rate goes up to 17/18 and I can't really swim under 1:20 (100m), it's more like 1:25 per 100 meters with 30" rests in between (I do 10 sets for instance).

Very best and much admiration,

Based on your numbers above if you are able to hold 17-18SPL with tempo at 1.0 for 21s lengths over 1500m and above then are doing a really great job. Your SPL range is good for that speed.

You will get some value from slowing the tempo trainer down as a drill exercise as this will enable you

1. evaluate more precisely your balance and streamline skill level
2. Create an even smoother stroke cycle as you strive to swim with a lower TT without introducing pauses on recovery etc.

The times you post also suggest that you will benefit from solving the problem of swimming a 1.15 100m as this would be a more typical sprint time for someone swimming a 48 minute 3000m.

Congratulations on all your achievements so far. Job well done.