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Update. Lots of time have passed sine my last post.
I'm still struggling with myself especially when it comes to maintain a proper form/sttroke though at this point it has more to do with my physical condition than technique per SE.
I've made breakthrough in all the stroke even butterfly starts to make sense.

To narrow things to front crawling I'm still prone to hyper ventilation (for not emptying my lgs properly but I made strides on every aspect of the stroke.
I've found as another member said that breathing on my non natural side is doing me a lot of good.
First I breath pretty well on that side even though it does not feel natural but it also force me to do a more accurate left arm motion. A Win-Win situation.

Still not my favorite stroke but at the moment I avoid symmetri stroke as much as possible as I found it is not the best way to fight my asymmetries (muscles, stance, etc.).

I'm pretty fast, I below 40s without diving on a 50m (one length). I would bet I can get in the +/- 30s on a proper sprint with diving.
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