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BX, fly is my favorite too. I did Terry's Betterfly DVD a few years back and got hooked quickly. Last week New York Open Water (Dave Barra) joined with the Laughlin family to do a very emotional celebration swim at Terry's favorite spot, Lake Minnewaska. I drove up from MD to NY to join in. It was a nice 3/4 mile course, and the lake is very beautiful. The water was in the 67-70 range which is very chilly for me when I do fly as I get concerned about pulling a muscle in my shoulders. This time I needed to worry more about my legs which took the worst of it. I managed three course laps all butterfly, no wetsuit. I used some petrolium jelly and a rash guard shirt to reduce abrasion and help to keep a touch warmer. May you join me in a long fly swim sometime!

When you complete an event of a mile or more of all butterfly I'll add your name to my listing of OW fly swims done by folks in legal fly, no wetsuit. Welcome to the flyers club!
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