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So I took a good long break from this project due to a variety of things including time, purpose and not enjoying swimming when it felt like my neck was still not up for it. I also took a bad spill on the pool deck in May landing on my right hip and re-injured my healing SI joint.

Good news is the Si joint seems to be pretty solid now!

So 2 swims in to my currently undefined project but thought I'd share some 'starter' swim sets;

Swim #1 25SCY (1000yd)
Warmup: Teaching 2 swim lessons
Main Set: 4 rounds of 4 x 50 descend by SPL, on 1 minute, rest 1 minute between rounds.
CD: 2 x 4x25 IM order

Swim #2 25SCY (1400)
Warmup: teaching 1 swim lesson
Main Set:
4 x 100 with 5 breath rest between all easy effort focused on arm width & hand depth at entry
4 x (3 x 50 descend by SPL, 5 breath rest between 50s, resume next round when ready)
8 x 25 strong & controlled.
1 x 100 easy IM
4 x 25 alt breast/back

Too tired right now to elaborate on those sets but they originated "organically" as in once I started swimming I evlauted my energy/fatigue level and how my body responded once I started swimming. My main goals were ...

Goal 1: maintain good form, and as fatigue built, back off on energy input to regain better form, thereby protecting my neck and rotator cuff...while also swimming better.

Goal 2: Stop the set before I entered an area where fatigue or post workout pain would be present the next day. This meant stopping before my ego said I should stop. Good practice.
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