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Originally Posted by jacoby View Post
I know Stroke count is very important measure for Freestyle but what about on backstroke?

If it is important--What is a good goal?

My backstroke SC is at 23-24 (that is without doing an underwater dolphin)

On the T1 backstroke video it does not say much on BS turns and under water dolphin; Do TI instructors recommend doing an underwater dolphin with a flip turn to increase speed and lessen stroke counts on 100 and 200 yd sets??

If so, how many dolphin kicks?

THANKS to all who contribute to this GREAT "Forum"!!!!
I don't think TI concerns itself with reducing stroke count by taking advantage of the wall or other pre-stroke techniques. Stroke count is used to measure efficiency from the point at which you take the first stroke.

If you can, stay under for up to 15m. Dolphin away. Just do it consistently so you can compare stroke counts between sets. Make small changes to the stroke and compare the results.

I'm far from good, but what I've been focusing on is not creating drag with my feet. Watch Irie with his pulsing kick.
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