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Still struggling to adapt to pool swimming after the week of open water swimming, specifically timing issues. For the past week and a bit I have been doing only drill-swim type practices.
Today however, felt far better overall and I am looking forward to kicking on from this tomorrow.

Today practice: restoration & stroke mechanics
WU 6x100m as always.
8x50 FR drill-swim FR. The first 2 I did only light kick with arms outstretched & single arm outstretched to make sure I had correct balance. Remainder concentrate on hand moving straight back after entry and on hip rotation, keeping legs in the shadow of my body.

Tune: 10x50 TT 1.05 - 0.93 by 0.04, decrease by 0.02

Main 1: broken 400's, rest 15s between broken 400m, rest 45s between rounds

400: moderate pace, perfect technique. Around 1.2 tempo
300 + 100: increase pace, focus on lengthening each stroke. Around 1.15 tempo
2 x 200: increase pace, focus on hand entry. Around 1.10 tempo
4 x 100: increase pace, focus on following shoulder to breathe. Around 1.05 tempo

400 swim down various.

Total: 3500m

The last few days were frustrating as I cannot explain the sudden disappearance of my timing. Today was encouraging, and from tomorrow I think I will concentrate mainly on tempo's between 1.10 and 1.05 until I am satisfied executing repeats at this level.

Looking forward to comments & suggestions.


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