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Originally Posted by POK View Post
The link below is the only video of my stroke I managed to get my hands on. It is from a continuous 5km crossing.

Does anyone else see a pause in the stroke as the elbow and hand of my left arm exit the water? Or is it the angle of the video. I don't perceive this pause when I'm swimming. Also, I'd like some comment on my hand entry please.
The video quality isn't great I know. So before head position comes up, I take 15 strokes breathing left, then switch to right.

Hi Paraic,

You have a terrific and very fluid - hip driven stroke. I get you at a 1.1(ish) tempo 55spm in the video. Nice tracks and recovery entry, great extension, head position and no lifting head to breathe, really nice. Looks like you have a 4bk, 3kicks on right edge when breathing toward left shoulder, and 1 kick rotating to left edge. There is a slight hesitation in your left recovery, it's very subtle. This looks to be caused by a slightly late breath off the left shoulder. Again this is a very subtle lateness, but doesn't take much to cause an interruption in recovery. Use the focal point "chin follows shoulder" (not chin chases shoulder) to air - think get air with the shoulder and should help remove the slight delay.

Nice work, damn beautiful stroke - keep up the good work!

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