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Originally Posted by jenson1a View Post
In a recent thread about breathing, reference was made to another site by Coach Emmett Hines--title was Sucking Wind. This article made a "good sell" of why to buy a swimmers snorkel.

Site was

Prior to starting TI, I never had much trouble breathing, but once I started TI, I got caught up in counting strokes, head down, etc all of which created a lot of tension. I have started to improve with breathing by reducing tension and practicing a lot of SG and skating drills.

My thought is if I do get one of these swimmers snorkels, perhaps my improvement will be more rapid. I did try a regular snorkel and it did help a little in lessening breathlessness after swimming several laps.

So my question is if I do buy the snorkel, I worry about becoming dependent on it. Need advice--should I stay the tortoise (slow and easy wins the race)? In other words, no "pool toys" or would it be worth my while to take the risk of dependence in favor of improvement?

Interested in anyone's opinion.

I'm 55 female and have never been a swimmer across my life - mainly been eye/ball coordination sports. However, in the last couple of years I've felt I wanted to incorporate swimming into some fitness activity. However, I really hit a wall with this as I would get anxious when trying to swim with not being able to breathe properly as you normally see swimmers breathing. Then in one day it all changed - yep that dramatic! I found the finnis freestyle snorkel. REALLY GREAT! 20 laps(20m pool), 40 laps then 80 nonstop - stepping out of pool as if it was a total breeze - admit times only between 41 - 53 mins. Even though I want to get my times below 40 mins a I see myself more of a recreational swimmer. I love swimming now with not being able to worry about breathing as I just breath normally. My enjoyment is the feeling of buoyancy and rhythmic momentum through the water. My swim watch measures the laps so I can just 'settle in' & enjoy stroking simply. I now have the swim MP3 player & downloaded genuine whale & dolphin songs and the fantastic North American Indian wood flute and it adds to the experience.

I do have one question. A personal trainer I was talking to last night seemed to consider my 80 lap effort less when I told him I breathe through a snorkel while swimming. What differences are there if any, with regards to exertion level and aerobic impact.
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