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Default 100y Repeat (some at maximal effort)

Monday 15 April - 2100y in <40 minutes
I'm in the final week of my 2-month Spring Training Project, which I began April 20, following a training hiatus of nearly 8 months. I had an interruption in training of a bit over two weeks from end of May to beginning of June, so I'm trying to make up with lost time, with shorter, faster repeat sets.

I went to the pool today time (the pool would close in less than 40 min) and a general idea to maximize my time by swimming a nearly continuous series of 100y repeats, starting very easy 100s at an average SPL of 13, and finishing as fast as possible at at an average SPL of 15. Here's how I did it.

Tuneup 7 x 100 at (12+13+13+14 SPL) on 1:50 and RPE of 1 to 2.
I swam as relaxed and gently as possible at the start. My time on 1st 100 was 1:43. That might be as slow as I've ever swum for 100y in training. I decided I would continue as long as seconds continue to 'melt off' my time--i.e. not make an effort to swim faster--or until my time dropped to 1:30. That happened on the 7th 100, so Tuneup was complete and it was time to move on to main set.

Main Set
4 rounds of (3 x 100) + 50 Recovery
My plan was to change SPL pattern each round, generally increasing # of strokes.
Round 1: (12+13+14+15 SPL) Average time 1:23
Round 2: (13+14+14+15 SPL) Avg 1:22
Round 3: (13+14+15+16 SPL) Avg 1:21
Round 4: (14+15+15+16 SPL) Avg 1:20

This was the most effortful set of repeats I've done in a long time. My RPE was 3+ at the beginning of the main set and 5 (a very rare effort level for me) at the end. I.E. I gave the last one or two repeats everything I had.

But being very disciplined about sticking to my pre-planned SPL pattern is a protection against wasting energy or imprinting struggle.

Sometimes it pays off to swim at maximum effort. As long as you do it the right way. For me the payoff was in swimming two seconds faster for 100y repeats (1:20 vs. 1:22) than I have done in a year or more.
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