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Default How To Swim Faster:- A 'Speedplay' Set

Thurs 11 June 2000 yds in 40 minutes

Today was my 2nd consecutive day of swimming. That's unusual prior to when I can begin swimming outdoors every week--which is in two more days. That will also be the end of 25y pool training for me until at least September.

Today was also my 2nd consecutive day of focusing on swimming fast. That's even more rare. Usually I split up speed-training sessions by 72 hours. (And sometimes by 7 or 8 months.)

But my 2-month Spring Training Project ends a week from tomorrow. After a 2-week hiatus from training from May 15 to early June, I feel I need a little extra stimulus if I'm to make my goal of improving my baseline swim of a broken 1650 by at least 5%.

Yesterday I swam a TI version of an Ultra Short Race Pace Training set, which was mostly 50 yard repeats on stroke counts that started low and gradually got higher.

Today I did all 100y repeats at consistent stroke counts, trying to go steadily faster. I gave myself a better chance of swimming fast by alternating a fast 100 with an easy/recovery 100. Here's my set
20 x 100 in 40 minutes (average interval of 2:00/100)

Odd 100s Easy Medley (no butterfly) on 2:10 -
I swam these as 25FR@12SPL, 25BK@14SPL, 25BR@7SSPL, 25FR@13SPL
My intent was to swim perfect form--which I had to do to maintain these stroke counts. My RPE was 1.
My times were a highly consistent 1:51.

Easy 100s Fast Free on 1:50
I swam these @ 13+14+14+15 SPL.

I started easily and got gradually faster on the first five (#2 thru #10).
Times were 1:35 to 1:28.

Then I tried to maintain max speed on the last five (#12 thru #20)
Times were 1:25-1:25-1:25-1:23-1:22
I did increase stroke count on the last one to 14+15+15+16.

I'm pretty pleased with the paces I maintained on these compared to the fact that my pace on 50s at 13+14 stroke count yesterday was :41.
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