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Default Ultra Short Race Pace Training

USRPT--in which you swim much shorter repeats than your race distance, but at very high speed--is all the rage in USA Swimming circles. I have my own version in which I pay attention not only to the pace clock, but challenge myself to maintain stroke discipline/efficiency while trying to swim as fast as possible.

I enjoy it but have neglected it during my Spring Training project. My two months will be up in 10 days. As I approach the end, I want to fit in at least two more USRPT sessions. Here is today's
Wed 10 June 1800 SCY in 40 minutes

2 rounds of [4 x 50 on 1:00}
In each round my SPL was
#1 12+13
#2 13+14
#3 14+15
#4 15+16
This was the SPL pattern I planned for my main set, so I used Tuneup to familiarize myself with it, but at much gentler paces (RPE 1-2)

Main Set
4 rounds of [6 x 50 on 1:10) + 50 Perfect between rounds.
My plan was to increase SPL by 1 in each round and swim all 50s as fast as possible--while being mindful I had to sustain peak effort for 600y of 50s.
Round ! @ 12+13 SPL Avg Time :42
Round 2 @ 13+14 SPL Avg :41
Round 3 @ 14+15 SPL Avg :40
Round 4 @ 15+16 SPL Times: 39-39-39-38-38-37

What interested men this set is that I felt pretty stretched to complete lengths 12+13. It I hit my SL "Sweet Spot" at 14+15, but couldn't manage to swim faster than 40 sec. At 15+16 I felt a bit rushed and rough, but with more reps I managed to improve my stroke timing and feel smoother. I was swimming at about the fastest turnover I could manage without breaking down. My quick adaptation to what felt initially like an unfamiliar task is evident in how my times improved steadily--great evidence of the brain learning to swim at 15+16 SPL.

It's not surprising since I had swum 16 SPL only rarely during Spring Training, since my original baseline swim on April 20. That suggests I shouldn't neglect the upper end of my Green Zone stroke count range.
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