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thanks for another entry. I really appreciate hearing what knowledgable people are up to. This post seems to hit on my favorite part of TI, the appreciation for process and detachment from results/times.

Originally Posted by terry View Post
This capacity for lifelong joy is pretty unique to swimming it seems to me If I was a runner, my times would also slow, but I can't think of how one would create similarly exacting tasks around running or cycling, with the potential to leave you feeling thrilled by the results of a workout.
I have felt similar things working with any mindful practice, though maybe at lesser levels. Chi Running keeps me engaged this way, for example--the technique is to some degree its own reward regardless of speed.

By the way, another mindfulness/sport practitioner whose ideas you might enjoy exploring is Arno Ilgner, whose Rock Warrior's Way applies many of the kai zen principles and what he calls "the impeccable use of attention" to rock climbing. Here's a link if you want to check it out:

Even for non-climbers, there are lots of useful ideas there (I find myself thinking a lot about his stuff while practicing TI). And of course New Paltz has the Shawangunks--maybe Arno will run a clinic out there someday--he can take you climbing and you can make him swim!
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