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Default "Trilogy"

Interesting reading Eric's review of "The Talent Code" as I bought that book after reading the NY Times review. In fact, I have 2 other books which seem to complement it well (I've almost finished one and the other two are in the queue to be read) ...

One, "Mindset" by Carol Dweck, talks about two so-called "Mindsets" or ways of thinking about ones talents and abilities (i.e., self-belief systems). One, the "fixed mindset", is a belief that one's talents are largely innate and fixed, the other, "growth mindset", is a belief that one's talents and abilities can be developed and enhanced over a period of time. So, for the maximum benefit of nurturing one's talents a la "The Talent Code", a "growth mindset" would seemingly be required ... This book I have almost finished reading ...

The other book, "Rapt, Attention and the Focused Life", by Winifred Gallagher, talks about focus and attention to what one is attempting to accomplish, and not allowing distractions to compromise those qualities. I bought this book (unread as of now), again based on a NY Times review.

I intend to finish "Mindset", then read "The Talent Code", followed by "Rapt" - I have a certain, difficult goal in mind for 2010 of which swimming plays a part (among other things ...), and since it is a discipline which I'm still working to improve, all three books can likely help me be ready next June ...

-- Steve
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