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Default Echo GeneP's missive...

CoachEricD, CEO TL, Shu, thanks to you guys. I echo GeneP's missive - please do go on with your inputs on this thread (though as for me, having gone thru some of the wide ranging discussion forums that you all have been in, I have learned a lot).

At my age, the perpetual propulsion concepts in virtually all strokes, have been radical, life changing...if I maly use the phrase. Learning butterfly at 59...well I never thought I could...

CoachEricD, going back to Mr. Coyle's book. Thanks for your continued service - book reading, analysis, implementation, facilitating, etc. - and hope to see and be there at the CONCLUSION.

The concept of visualization which some gurus preach, practice seems to be on the same parallel track as Mr. Coyle's observations.

Your project - to develop more descriptive, catchy word pictures to describe various facets of swimming strokes - which TI is so fond of (and I've learned that Terry has been responsible), will further enhance the value of TI. Hope to be part of this exercise.

Somehow, the process of trying to reach a goal and descriptions of one's feelings, sensations experienced in trying to reach the goal are inseparable. Frequently, we describe the achievement of a goal in quantitative metrics or in qualitative means. Thus, the words uncomfortable, ease, painful, glide, etc. to describe what we feel as we go thru the process of achieving the objective. And frequently, we know that we are in that enviable stage - the breakthrough, or the achievement itself - because of the feeling/sensations that we are experiencing.

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