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Originally Posted by haschu33 View Post
Doc, I understand all you wrote except for this.

What do you mean with 'start the catch and drag commences ...' ?

Are you saying that the catch itself creates drag, or is the drag a by-product of the catch?
Both. The catch is outside the streamline of the body, and in itself doesn't create propulsion. It slows the body down! Mind boggling isn't it? But it's a necessary phase of the stroke to add back in propulsion.

Same thing with the breaststroke kick. The set up for the kick creates so much drag that you see many breaststrokers stop completely between kicks (check your pool next time) and every kick is starting from zero.

Making the kick smaller and more streamlined feels less powerful, but it retains more forward movement and less energy input is required to keep moving riding a skateboard or spinning a basketball. The actions to get it started are different from the actions to keep it moving.
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