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Originally Posted by haschu33 View Post
And, machelett, yes, if you just look at the swim types you don't really see a difference. I am not a frequent visitor to the SS website but to my memory this anti-overgliding campaign started a lot earlier before they developed the swim types.
I bought the SwimSmooth DVD set a few years ago and on and off I've looked at most of the SwimSmooth stuff, including the forums, and found no indication that their marketing is targeting TI customers or that they are mocking TI.
What I see are some TI swimmers that visit SwimSmooth because they are looking for elements of what is called "traditional swimming" (or something to that effect) here. That includes me and I find that legitimate.
The lack of civility and respect towards the other side only flares up on the TI forums. Most people on the SS forums didn't know TI existed before some TI forumites--quite politely, I'd like to point out--started posting there.

The main problem from my point of view is that the term "overglider" has been adopted here as synonym for TI swimming. And when Paul Newsome says "glide is a dirty word" furor kicks in and you hear "TI is dirty".
But that's not what he said and probably not what he means but you're going to hear it anyway.

I tried to rationalize from the business side and present evidence that counters your perception that the sale of overglider guides was pushed over all others. But people will defend the way they feel, no matter what, and there's no arguing with that. I'm old enough to accept that but still not old enough to sit idly and be a spectator to unfairness. :)

BTW, there used to be one actual SwimSmooth "attack" on all other swimming sites that nobody ever mentioned:
A picture Paul with a clothespin on his nose in a front of a computer, captioned "other swimming sites do exist on the internet..."
I found that hilarious. I do not see that anymore so I believe they took that piece of fun down so people are not offended. Even as a competitor, one would have had to be a very negative person to find that offensive...
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