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I am not saying that the overgliding campaign of SS is for marketing only, I am not saying that people shouldn't make their living with coaching swimmers, I am not saying that what SS is doing wouldn't help people, I am not saying that there aren't people out there who developed a long, long stroke and gliding too long, I am not saying that there is something wrong with SS.

But you can not tell me that the whole story is that the 'market' demanded some help for overgliding and SS just responded to it. It is just not such an innocent story.

And, machelett, yes, if you just look at the swim types you don't really see a difference. I am not a frequent visitor to the SS website but to my memory this anti-overgliding campaign started a lot earlier before they developed the swim types.

What I find a little disturbing is that they talk a lot about overgliding, 'glide is a dirty word', pause in the stroke, dead spots etc but at least on the website I cannot find a clear definition of those terms. I still don't know what they exactly mean. And I don't know if that is just being a little sloppy (they are Aussies after all ;-) ) or on purpose.

That all might be different in the SS forum, as forums tend to be more down to earth. But I never visit that so I don't know.
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