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I am sorry; I forgot to look again into the forum.

Thank you so much for your answer, Suzanne! This is very encouraging.
I can swim 45 strokes repeatedly in a 50 m pool now. This number feels quite natural. When you say that this is probably the right range, I will leave it at that for now.

My next goal is to get a bit faster. Currently I can swim 1 km in 26 min, which feels "comfortably hard". Since I always remember my breast time which is about 24 min I think I should be faster with crawl. Also I see the little girls in the pool swimming faster than me, which is frustrating. No, not really, but it is surprising for me to learn how much swimming is technique and not power. This is so different from running.

Originally Posted by TId1g9 View Post
Ich mache mir vor jedem Training einen Übungsplan, der meistens 2\3 Übungen und 1/3 Schwimmen enthält.
Ja, ich sollte mir auch mal einen Plan machen vor dem Schwimmen. Bisher entscheide ich das immer spontan im Becken.
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