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I'm Willy from Germany (Bremen) and I am trying to learn crawl according to the TI style for about 5 months now.

I'm 47 years old and for 41 years I rarely swam, and if, only breast stroke.
Due to some unknown reason many in my age decide to lose weight and get into sports again to become fitter. So did I. I started running and swimming and decided to learn freestyle!
The good thing is that I checked the internet and found the videos of TI swimming on Youtube. This was what I wanted to learn, because it looked really beautiful. I bought the book.
Ok, for some months now I try to swim like a TI swimmer. I practice two times a week. The bad thing is that I am alone, have no one to look at me and I cannot do many of the exercises, because the pool is always very crowded.

What I have accomplished so far is "something" that looks like freestyle, but probably only remotely TI-like. I can breathe to both sides. But I am very slow and I need far too many strokes. I scratch my head when I read that you need less than 30 strokes per 50 m. I need about 48-50! My best is 45.
And I need 28 min for a km (in breast stroke I need 24 min!). I can do 50 m in 55 s, but then I am probably not swimming very TI-like.
Well, there you have it
What I read always is that speed comes alone, so I think I should concentrate on better gliding. I am still improving, that's the good thing. When I swim, I try to concentrate on one point at a time, like head, long arm, front quadrant, rolling etc. My first goal is to get to 44 strokes per 50 m, something Terry suggested in his book as a breakpoint.
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