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Originally Posted by terry View Post
But for your swimming, rather than thinking of burning calories, focus solely on:
1) Continuously improving your form, feel and self-awareness.
2) Doing what makes you happiest. For me that has been creating the transcendent moments known as Flow States.
I've been educating myself on diet, nutrition and exercise for the past 12 years. In fact, I'm currently working on NASM CPT. What I find is that I'm drawn back to the pool for the very reasons you mentioned... that's what makes me the happiest! I recently read an article that states, regardless of body fat (to a point, I'm sure), REGULAR AEROBIC EXERCISE is the biggest determinant of "health" which, at age 58, is my primary concern.

So, my body may not look like it's 29 anymore but I'm much happier working on my swimming than stressing over a few pounds. I believe I stated before that we have eaten very well for years, we know how to do that, and I can always tweak that to make it a little better by simply PUSHING AWAY FROM THE TABLE sooner but, overall, my life feels more full by doing just what Terry suggested. I get glimpses of that flow state and want to be able to capture it longer and more often.

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