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Thanks for responding. Great queries. I'll address each in turn.

Originally Posted by grandall View Post
On your first of set (800 @ 38SPL) -What was your TT set at?
excellent job in sustaining SPL consistency by the way..
I usually swim my tuneup set accompanied mainly by my own thoughts and sensations. It's a way of taking inventory and choosing a set of metrics to target in the sets that follow. In this case, the 38SPL -- arrived at 'organically' rather than manipulated with aid of TT -- became my benchmark.

On the second set (12 X 50) - Did you swim with paddles/buoys...with a bad shoulder and all? great job you only increased by two strokes.
Ach, no. I haven't 'sullied my stroke' with buoy and paddles in 20 years! I only mentioned that as a way of contrasting the old-school nature of the prescribed Masters workout with my own adaptations to it. My shoulder, by the way, felt great. I have my first PT session today, but started informal self-prescribed supraspinatus rehab last week. Found the right exercise on youtube.

On the third set(2 X 300) - you mentioned you said you backed off on the TT to 1.25?..what was thinking on why you decided to back off from 1.20 to 1.25 on the 300 as your SPL was almost the same? Was it because you thought the added distance would effect your efficiency?
Exactly. This kind of decision is an informed guesstimate. There's not a formula for making these kind of adjustments. You learn to do it through experience. So my guesstimate was informed by years of TT practice.

My goal was to find the tempo at which I could maintain the SPL I'd just recorded on 50m repeats for the 300m repeats. I guessed that backing off by .05 might do the trick. And, as I usually do - once I verified I could maintain the same SPL, i began testing my limits, initially on the 2nd 300, then on the ladder set that followed.
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