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Ian...I know what interval training is. This is a very specific kind of the case of the OP, he is exercising at a specific intensity for a specific duration with variable rest.

If this were translated into a cycling workout for example, I'd prescribe a specific wattage zone of 105% - 120% of FTP for 4 minutes with 2-4 minutes rest for example. I've got a name for that...and I even have a code in my workout library for it, and when my athletes see it, they know exactly what to do. In fact I have a catalog of 50+ cycling specific interval workouts for my cyclists not to mention run workouts & steady state efforts...all of which are coded in my electronic questions about what they are supposed to be doing.

This is different and very specific type of interval with an organically changing component... I want a specific name to refer to this specific set.

Everything we do is an interval...even if it's a Recovery interval for 2 hours. Intervals need definition in order to reap benefit. Since this interval has an organic component, it's not easily cataloged. Hence, my desire to define it more.

The term "Cheeta" was attractive to me because cheetas run very fast for a limited duration before needing rest. Not all intervals need to be done all out...but it seems that the starting point of THIS SPECIFIC interval set that terry is suggesting was an all out 200m/yd effort by Steve. After that, he's going to need a lot of rest before doing it again.

In Terry's specific avoidance to avoid the "energy system" approach to defining swim workouts, calling this a VO2 effort (which it is) doesn't do it justice since over time Steve's efficiency with this will change far more quickly than a comparable "workout" on either the track (mile repeats or 800s @ max pace) or on the bike (Vo2 intervals @ 4 minutes opposed to 30s, 60s, 2min, 3 min or 5 min duration...each of which I have cataloged for my athletes) .

While there is an organic approach, as a coach, systemization of the organic approach helps both myself and my athletes.
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