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Originally Posted by CoachSteveHoward View Post

Thank you for your excellent guidance. This weekend I will swim the TI Algorithm mythology and work on 200 yard repeats as you have prescribed.
Methodology, Steve, not Mythology. ;)

Terry, question for you. the way you have described this, it would be basically an all out 3:50 minute effort with ample rest to repeat the same effort at the same efficiency level. Is that your intention?

In otherwords, Steve did a 200 yd time trial...suggesting he's currently working within his anaerobic-VO2 capacity with a hard, shortish effort of less than 5 minutes. Even if this was his best possible form for the duration, doing so at the fastest rate possible is going to feel fairly hard in effort.

I just want to make sure that I"m understanding your recommendation, as this set would be very different from many of hte sets you've discussed with building take your easy/moderate efffort for 100 yds and learn to extend that effort for longer & longer durations.

In this set you are suggesting that he practice the higher effort swim with ample rest, (of course all the while trying ot make that hard effort feel easier by minimizing resistive forces, etc. ...)

Do you have a good 'codename' for this type of set? (that is, it's not a ladder, it's not repetitions, it's not a pyramid, it's not an assymetrical tempo trainer pyramid...)

If I'm interpreting the intention of the set correctly, I' dlike to give it a nickname to distinguish it from an "edurance building" set where one takes their easy/moderate effort SPL and works on extending it. What you've described here is a little more advanced I think.

Thinking of impressions it gives me...
-morse code
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