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Originally Posted by cynthiam View Post
+1 here on crooked backstroke.

I thought it was mostly out-of-whack arms that was doing it for me, but one of the lifeguards at my pool pointed out that my hips were sort of wiggling out of line -- they weren't rotating the same way my shoulders were. Don't know if that's happening to you, but I thought I'd mention it because I don't know if I would have noticed it myself.

The crookedness improves when I'm streamlined and aware of rotating around my core and not reaching outward with my entry arm/hand.
You may benefit from working on the one-arm drills at the beginning of the Backstroke DVD, where you go from hand-lead sweet spot on one side to head-lead sweet spot on the other side and back again. These drills are far enough removed from whole stroke backstroke that the muscle memories associated with your lopsided backstroke aren't likely to be triggered. Focus on making it feel the same when you lead with your left arm as it feels when you're leading with your right arm.

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