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Originally Posted by madvet View Post
I recently acquired some training fins...I have found them useful for drilling -- maintaining a speed more similar to swimming while drilling. But I have also found an unloading effect on the arms, similar to how fist gloves are supposed to work...Underloading the arms is a great way to work on proper stroke mechanics. When you get the mechanics right then you can gradually add more force.
I have used fins for many reasons as I continuously improve my swimming.

At present, the "underloading" feature of fins is helping me integrate my new early vertical forearm/high elbow catch-and-pull into my core rotation. The fins better anchor my kick, so that I can learn to time core muscle contraction with catch/pull. Retraining stroke timing is necessary because my new stroke requires MUCH less body roll than I originally learned in the stacked shoulder era.

I find that using fins and swimmer's snorkel, singly or in combination, allows me to re-integrate my technique.

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