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Default Small Critique on 10 Lesson Freestyle Video

I've begun working my way through this video, and I have one small critique:

It would be nice if it included a plan, focal points, and end goals for each lesson that could be taken to the pool.

For example, for lesson one it might include:

Drill: Superman Glide. Focus: Weightless Head, Relaxed Hands
Drill: Laserhead Flutter Focus: Weightless Head, Head/Spine alignment.
Endgame: SG-Wholestroke, 5 strokes maintaining relaxed head and hands.

Obviously this is incomplete, but I'm finding that I watch a chapter and I get all pumped up, then get to the pool (especially if its the next day or even a few days later) and kind of have a brain freeze. A few quick reminders would bring the lessons back. The best would be to watch a subsection at the pool, then swim it, then watch the next subsection (without shorting out the DVD player), etc. But that's kind of not practical (not to mention it would be a bit embarrassing).

It doesn't help that I watched several of the lessons first and I've seen the entire Easy Freestyle video, so which drill goes into which lesson keeps getting mixed up in my head.

The bonus material seems like it starts down that road, but then loses it.

Once again, just a nit. It's a fantastic video and I can't wait to start lesson 3 to get my breathing balance right, but I'm taking it slow.
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