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Default No worries

I'm glad you joined us last weekend. We see many levels of swimmers at all the sessions, and I think our makeup was pretty typical at this clinic. Most of your observations are spot on- the more you're trying to get everything down at once, the less you accomplish, and the more that frustration builds on itself. We reiterate the single-minded focus idea many times because it takes that much reminding. This is a skill that we all have built-in and habit-built habits that are decades old to overcome, and patience is essential.
It looks like either the last session clips were removed from dropbox or they went in the wrong folder, so I'm making a new set right now. You're also welcome, from now until my expiration, to send me videos for tips along the way. Just remember some of the closing advice on day 2-
- go to practice with 2,3,4 maximum things to work on, and separate them. You can tackle the same focus in drills and full stroke
- bring a focal point that feels good and helps with connections, even if you think you've got it. It might be the reassurance that relaxes you enough to succeed with another focal point
- if you don't know why you're doing something, don't do it. Ask, understand better, or turn your attention to things that bring you better awareness of good swimming problem-solving. Balance and streamlining always come as a priority before propulsion for the majority of swimmers.
- use all the resources around you. Describing your technical goal to another swimmer helps you understand it better. Remember how much the group got out of partner exercises
And get in touch when I'm back in town- I don't leave people hanging. We want you to join a community of happy, mindful swimmers, and we're going to help you get there!
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