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Originally Posted by freshegg View Post
I still maintain that the person with a more muscular, leaner build is going to be slower.
Many swimmers would give an "arm", "leg", "first born" to be lean and muscular. Some pay $400-$500 for a tech suit that "makes" them lean and muscular. Probably the one variable that hasn't changed is your physique--it was lean and muscular when you were "fast" and the same now when you are "slower".

You might consider variables that changed, e.g., you got older. Just about everything related to endurance physiology declines as you get older--VO2 max, lung capacity, the nerves ability to stimulate muscle activity, etc.

Some react to this decline from a Kaizen (continuous improvement) standpoint. I'll train "smarter". I work on technique because even the best swimmers are less than 10% efficient.

Some react to this decline from a Cry-zen (continuous whinning) standpoint. "My physique makes me slow". Less fit, fat swimmers pass me in the pool.

I swim at a college pool. Plenty of women including a nationally ranked 61 year old triathlete kick my ass everyday. None would be considered muscular though a few are lean. I choose a Kaizen approach to this ass kicking.

Too bad we can't sit down, have a beer, and discuss this Freshegg--it would be fun. --mjm
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