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Thank you so much Suzanne for your kind words.
To RSM, if you scroll back a few posts, you may see that my advice is actually for much briefer drill practice, regularly interspersed with whole stroke.

While I agree fully with andy's input that the OP is a 'good candidate for an hour of Superman' I would recommend that hour be divided up into many segments of, say, 4 reps of 6y/m of Superman, alternating with 4 reps of 8-10y/m of a brief Superman followed by 4 to 6 strokes.

The goal should purely be to heighten a particular sensation during Superman--e.g. resting the head's with on a 'cushion' of water, then try to replicate that sensation in whole stroke.

First without breathing, then--when it feels consistent and pronounced--adding just a few breaths . . . and more strokes.

You can do this with the full range of our drills and rehearsals to build a stroke with a considerable degree of the ease and grace shown by Shinji and other TI coaches and 'masterful enthusiasts.'

This approach has worked for thousands and thousands--and has fallen short for relatively few.
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