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I'm dividing my time 50/50 drills & full stroke. All I want to be able to do is swim a mile comfortably, what's other people's experiences & how long has it took people to get there?
2 years.

Oh, I could swim 1.5k in a session before I started TI, but it was stop and go for over an hour, and an ugly mix of back/breast/freestyle and fighting the water like it was a sparring partner in a boxing ring when you're both 3 years old. Once I learned to swim TI style it took me close to 2 years before I could comfortably swim for 30min with no breaks, which according to my conservative math is 1.5k. Part of that was lifestyle, part of that was getting distracted in the pool, part of that was being unable to count past 3 in the pool, etc. My best is an hour of continuous swim without being exhausted at the end. I had someone I knew swimming in the next lane for that. 45min and still feeling fresh is in now reach any day I have had a good night's sleep. That's 2.5 years in, and the 45min is usually after 30-60min of drills. It depends on lane availability at my pool.

For measuring distance, I find it is much easier to simply have a consistent stroke rate, count your SPL, multiply your SPL by your SR, fudge a margin for the turn (about 1-2 strokes) and give it a rough go for your time in the pool. Be conservative in your estimations. That way you know your minimum distance.

Quick example: My stroke rate is 2s (it's actually ~1.7 for the most part, and closer to 1.5 when I'm actually in the flow), my SPL is 12-13. 13*2s is 26s, add in 4s for the turn (close enough, it's about 2 strokes) and presto 30s for a length. 50m is 1min, 2min is 100m etc.
It is rough, but it lets me not worry about the actual distance or counting to more than 3, and lets me focus on whatever my goal for that length is (hand position, ear hop, breathing precision, reduced force etc. etc.).
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