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Default How do I train to go faster


My first posting here, so a little about myself and a question.

Swimming a fast mile is my goal. I'm gradually getting my times down. Just this week I managed to knock off 60 secs off my personal best (wearing jammers instead of shorts helped!)

I'm 52 years old, 5'11" and weigh just over 250lb. Never a swimmer even at school but I adopted TI since February 2014 and whilst before I would nearly black-out after 2 lengths of front crawl, I can do a mile now without any bother at all. I use a Poolmate lap counter watch and swim in a 25 metre pool. For a mile I swim 64 lengths and just ignore the additional 9 metres to make a proper 1609m mile!

I don't do tumble-turns (or 'flip-turns' as you call them in the US). I'm working on them, but I normally swim in busy lanes at a public pool so I'll probably never be able to use them.

As well as the exercises I do swim sets of short sprints. Sometimes though I just do my favourite routine: 1 x 800m, 1 x 400m, 1 x 200m, 1 x 100m 1 x 50m and these invariably produce new PB's, sometimes 2 in the same session.

I used to try to swim a mile every day but my times didn't lower and I just ended-up tired. I followed advice to switch to sprint practise to get my overall speed up, and so I only swim the mile (1600m) once-a-week.

That advice worked. Since switching to sprinting my mile times have come down a lot in the last few months.

But I think I can do better in some areas to get the speed up. Except I don't know where. My best times, all set in the last fortnight, are below;

Best time time for 100m
1 mile 30.57 1.56
800m 15.05 1.53
400m 7.18 1.49
200m 3.25 1.42
100m 1.38 1.38
50m 0.45 1.30

Other than losing some weight (250lb and being obese is great for buoyancy but not for speed!) are there any suggestions on what distances/practises I should be concentrating on pursuing to improve my overall time for the mile?

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