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Originally Posted by Rhoda View Post
Last spring I was reading a book called "The Brain That Changes Itself", by Norman Dodge M.D.. It's mostly about revolutionary techniques being used to rehabilitate stroke and brain-damage patients, but much of the neuroplasticity advice could apply to the rest of us in everyday life, especially when learning something like swimming.
Thank you for mentioning that book. I'm going out to get it from my local library today. I've been scouring information to help my father and that book sounds like a good source. (He has trouble with walking and handwriting due to some undiagnosed neurodegeneration.) I really want to get him into a pool, but that isn't likely to happen. That's a shame since the pool would challenge his systems in a good and gentle way while maybe providing a greater sense of ease and freedom.

Apparently the mindfulness and thoughtfulness of the TI way can lead to better living. ^_-
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