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Originally Posted by madvet View Post
I have been just diving in and starting work at a regular tempo, starting at 1.3 seconds per armstroke and then working at gradually faster paces. I noticed that at the end of 45 minutes I wasn't necessarily tired but I just didn't feel like swimming any longer I just felt like it was drudgery.

Today, after looking at Terry's sample workout with the tempo trainer I made sure to have a nice 20 minute warmup including 12 minutes of drills and 8 minutes of slow tempo swimming.

My point being --- you can aim to have an aerobic workout, but don't skimp on the warmup. Your attitude and ability to maintain focused and productive will benefit greatly.
Actually having an aerobic workout is relatively low on my priority list. It's just a natural consequence of swimming for an hour or so. The real priority for me is to swim better than I ever have before, in perhaps some small way. And by so doing to leave the highest-value neural imprint that I can.
I understand what you're saying though, because your final sentence above makes the point.
From the standpoint of a focus that never wavers from creating the highest quality neural imprint, I think of the first 300 to 600 meters as a tuneup, more than a warmup -- i.e. the focus is on tuning my electrical circuits, rather than on increasing the flow rate in my cardiovascular plumbing. The latter happens, and thus can accommodate the greater metabolic demands the body incurs as my nervous system rises to the task of incrementally more exacting combinations of SPL, tempo and duration.
But the phenomenon I now experience most profoundly is the increasing efficiency of my nervous system at performing almost any task, as I increase the number of repetitions.

Thus I seldom turn on the TT until I've swum at least five minutes or so accompanied only by my own thoughts.
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